Roof Mount Solar

Cropped Photo of House and Garage

Customers Andy and Gloria Bodnar said, “We are happy to get the zero
bills and it’s great; it saves us money.”

Copy of Enphase System Photo 2

Customers Bob and Nancy McKinley said “We are very happy with the
installation of our system, and we tell everybody we really like it.
We have already cut our electric bill down. We know it will really be
good this summer. The computer readouts are very informative, by the

Blue Roof Farms 2

Susan Says “It’s the power of the sun on the roof of my house. I Love It!”

Dan Says “Even snow covered, the panels will still produce power.”

Flat Roof Mount – Ballasted Systems

solar in greensburg


Ground Mount Solar Array

Solar Array Photo 5 June 5, 2013

Bob & Susie Bastian says “We are very happy with the investment, about 7-1/2 years return on investment”

Small Ground Mount Array

Todd Garciabish says “It is working great, It’s making power, that is for sure. It works seamlessly all by itself.

Lake Photo

Dennis Deverse Says “The job was done really nice and I’m happy with it.”

Solar Array Construction

Solar Array Construction at Camp Lutherlyn Near Butler PA.

This Church Camp invested in Solar panels to increase their influence of “Going Green” and decrease their electrical costs. They currently have 3 arrays of panels and are looking to add more to their system.

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