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As most of you know electric solar power has been very slowly getting
more and more popular since the 1970s energy crisis.
Back then it took four to eight times the amount of money it does
today with a system payoff of longer than 20-30 years.  Today nearly
all systems are paid off in 7-12 years with the help of more efficient
Electric Solar Modules (Photovoltaic) and the modules have gotten
bigger. Yesteryear a small 75 watt solar module is comparative to
today’s 245 to 300 watt solar module.
John D. Younkin, electrical engineer and entrepreneur of Blue Roof
Farms said these high power solar modules have been slowly improving
in their capacity for power generation as USA factories continually
advance them.
Also in the last 10-15 years the old stack of batteries has gone away.
That’s right: no more batteries. A computer-controlled,
smart-grid-tied inverter takes that renewable power and pumps it
directly into your home’s breaker panel.  This, in effect, makes
everything in your home, at least partially, solar powered. These grid
tied systems sell back your excess power achieving the goal of making
your meter spin backwards (net metering).
Customers Andy and Gloria Bodnar said, “We are happy to get the zero
bills and it’s great; it saves us money.”
And all of that is before the 30 percent federal tax credit and the
alternative energy credits. All this adds up to an excellent
investment, which can nearly double what you have invested in a 25
year period.
Customer Nancy McKinley reports, “We are very pleased with the
professional installation and performance of our system. We had it
installed in Sept 2013 and our first electric bill was almost 70
percent lower. We are looking forward to the summer months for even
greater savings. It’s very informative to be able to view our array in
action whenever we want through the web based monitoring which was an
option well worth it.”
Energy from the sun is an affordable reality with good investment and
loan plans that cushion the upfront cost. Set up a renewable energy
plan with your installer and your bank to help change your home into
an energy producer over the next few years and not just an energy
Customers Bob and Nancy McKinley said “We are very happy with the
installation of our system, and we tell everybody we really like it.
We have already cut our electric bill down.  We know it will really be
good this summer. The computer readouts are very informative, by the

Dennis Deverse Says “The job was done really nice and I’m happy with it.”
Bob & Susie Bastian says “We are very happy with the investment, about 7-1/2 years return on investment”
Steve Shay says “I am amazed at the power output, even in the winter.”
Todd Garciabish says “It is working great, It’s making power, that is for sure.  It works seamlessly all by itself.

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