Solar Power 6000 Program

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The Solar Power 6000 Program helps regular people with financing an Electric Solar Power System for their home.  One Goal: Afford or operate within a certain budget.

Our Customers can make their goal come true and we work with them to make them come true.

Here comes the Solar Power 6000 Program.  This program will take a persons goal, what ever it may be and break it down into a seven year program. The First years uses a local bank loan and some up-front capital equaling $6000 to get things going.  There is a tax credit for 30% at the end of the year.  This end of the year credit takes the pressure off of you when it comes to the end of year taxes and we recommend you pay off some of your loan.  The next year install more modules, get a small loan, get a tax credit and so on.  In seven (7) years you have solar modules and are producing your own electricity with a Grid Tied System.

Affordable Solar for Regular People – Made Simple

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